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We have gained a great experience in treating the paranormal acts throughout the past two decades in superior manner that results in permanent healing. We are performing the paranormal treatment on daily basis and we claim to master the following :
  • Cleansing haunted properties and lands
  • Treatment of the possessed ( No Exorcism )
  • Breaking all kinds of spells ( Black Magic, Voodoo, etc..)
Please let us know about the strange paranormal events or conditions that happen to you or around your friends or loved ones. We provide accurate diagnoses, professional execution with absolutely no harm on the person we treat, a unique permanent CURE. The results are reflected in the person's small details of the daily life we measure our work based on the person's feedback. The treatment services we provide is by far unmatched and not like anything that exists nowadays or you may encounter in your life.
We charge for our services depending on the following factors:
  • Complexity of the case ( how many problems that must be solved)
  • Time ( how much time would the case take from us to completion of the job)
Paranormal cases are always taken very seriously. There is no room for prediction or trials. Misdiagnoses and failed trials to solve the case usually results in elevating the situation and inflecting harm on person who suffers and those who are in the surrounding. We take the need to understand the situation extremely seriously as it forms the basis to our treatment plan.All investigations and diagnoses cost $100/investigation.
After eliminating the source of the problem, we spend time working on reinstating the physical and mental status of the person who receives the treatment.. This reinstatement period varies depending on the case and damage on the person.  Our treatment is aimed to achieve stability and balance physical and mental health which used to exist before and hopefully better. In properties and business, we make sure they are as safe, peaceful, warm, welcoming and as good as a property should be.
Treatment charges are determined after an investigation is conducted and clear diagnoses a confirmation from outside to treat the case is granted. We will charge a minimum for clients who would agree to share their experience with others on the Testimonial section in our site. Chat with us or email us and we will take it from there.  We provide all means to keep touch with our clients at anytime they need via email, Skype and mobile phones if required to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and to be there when we are in need.
Please note that we don't require to visit location or make a personal visit to the people who require our services. Please note that all our investigations, diagnoses and treatment are going to be conducted REMOTELY
 Cleansing haunted homes, haunted mansions, haunted offices, haunted restaurants, schools and haunted lands is something that must be done as it is the cause of life imbalances such as damaging relationships, loss of money and health issues and ignoring that fact have bad consequences such as possession and death. Our remote cleansing service of haunted places consists of the following : 
  • Elimination of the cause
  • Protection.
Cleansing the haunted places is done to perfection and will last for good as long as the people are living in it live a normal life with no bad practices such as black magic rituals. However, if desired, a greater levels for protection can be applied upon request.

Haunting Signs


Below are signs of hauntings in the place and they are as follows:

  •   Hearing sounds and some sort of whistling coming from abandoned properties at night
  • Hearing humming and noise inside the property
  • Facing difficulties leasing or selling the property
  • Bad luck and continues glitches in life for those who live or work in it
  • Frustration and Discomfort no matter how tidy and cozy and beautiful are the setting like you want to take a deep breath and once you leave the house you feel much better
  • Feeling depressed even for guests who tend to leave with less than hour
  • Continues insomnia and nightmares
  • Feeling fear among the people who inhibit the property or work in it
  • Seeing shadows and visions that disappears quickly
  • Things move and gets misplaced
  • Messing around with the lights
  • Reduction of the food inventory in the property
  • Disappearance of money from the property causing problems between the family members or colleagues at work
  • Knocking on doors within the property and trying to open the doors.
  • Closing open doors
  • Starting small fires in certain locations within the property
  • Hearing somebody crying or moaning and sometimes laughing
  • Rise in clashes and problems between the people who occupy the property
  • Breaking plates and kitchen supplies
  •  Messing up with electricity,  damaging electrical equipment such as hoovers, blenders and juicers
  • Stop or damage audio systems that play laud or play prayers regularly
  • Messing up with the walls floors of property and its belongings
  • Cats coming from nowhere inhibiting the property and its surroundings
  • finding snakes or scorpions inside the properties
  • Cats, snakes, scorpions scaring the kids in the house
  • The suffering of any member of the property of possession

Weather all the symptom mentioned above exists or some of it, it is enough reason for you to contact us and let us look closely on the hauntings causes. We will tell you what's going on. We will point to you the source of the problem and we will be ready at your service to eliminate it permanently.



Curing spiritual possession and breaking magical spells such as voodoo magic and black magic and other spiritual acts that are directed to harm a person or a group of people or even a place are distinct service which we believe that we are some of the very few around the globe who are capable provide. We would like to highlight the following: 
  • We do not perform any kind of exorcism.
  • No involvement from the person who will receive the treatment at all
When we start the treatment, we make sure to achieve the following: 
  • Stop the suffering immediately.
  • Make sure that no pain, fears or problems will be witnessed during the treatment phase till the cure is Achieved.
  • We keep in touch with the person who receives the treatment or one of their family members to obtain information on the overall status of the person we treat
  • Make sure that the person we treat will practice daily life normally among the family, friends and colleagues until we the completion of the treatment.
  • We confirm the treatment is completed and the CURE when we hear that from the person who receives our treatment.
Spiritual possession varies in levels. Also, spiritual possession can be as less as communication requests or continuous nightmares to something that be as clear as the morning sun on a clear sky. We believe our approach is extremely unique and it changes the perception and understanding of the meaning being possessed and being under any kind of magical spells.
Magic Spells is something done to apply powers on people and places. whether it is to make a man love a certain woman, influence a business decisions to gain control or inflect sever harm on a person or a business, We are capable to eliminate it from existence no matter how strong, evil, scary, difficult and time consuming it will take. Many people who suffer possession due to magic spells which were made on them.


   The symptoms below indicates possession or powers of magic spells. Seeing some of these symptoms gives enough reasons to get in touch with us to investigate the situation and tell you what is going on. The most common symptoms are as follows:  
  • Sever obsessive thoughts about close people surrounding the person's life
  • Presence of scary thoughts
  • Hearing voices calling the name of the person
  • Hearing voices requesting communication back and asking questions
  • Mood swings sometimes with rage
  • Schizophrenia
  • Pain and body aches without any reason or pain that can’t be responding to any medication
  • Very bad nightmares to an extent that makes a person fear bedtime
  • Heavy chest
  • Hate going to work or school
  • Destructibility ,mind absence or wandering
  • Feeling of being watched
  • Feeling of numbness and shivering
  • Hearing voices that no body else can hear
  • Feeling things that no one else can feel physically
  • Saying and doing things that are irrational and then completely forgets it.
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Flops in words and deeds.
Whether all the symptoms exist or some of it,  kindly contact us immediately and let us look closely on the causes. We will tell you what's going on. We will point the source of the problem and we will be ready at your service to eliminate it permanently. 
Only Healing is the home of serious healing which is accessible to a limited number of people around the globe. The knowledge used in healing is a mix of the most sophisticated and powerful healing methods known nowadays. We have practiced for more than two decades and successfully changed lives of many people significantly towards happiness and balance.  We believe in honesty, wisdom, proper diagnoses, proper decision making, dedication, teamwork, bravery, speed and love towards achieving the good well of others are the keys of a successful healing.  Only Healing provides permeant solution some of what we can offer. We have only selected three of what we are capable to do as these services are our most experienced cases we work with. We are committed towards bringing health, happiness & balance back to people's lives. We are skilled enough to deliver our commitments as we promise and beyond.  We are a group of people from around the globe who have dedicate their lives & committed towards bringing Health happiness & balance back to people's lives. We are all skilled enough to deliver our commitments as we promise and beyond. 

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We welcome answering all your questions, thoughts, suggestion or any other inquiries. Please don't hesitate to contact us  and share with us your concerns on your Paranormal acts No matter how complicated is the case or where you are located . Please Drop us few lines and we shall respond back within 2 working days.